Rendez-Vous Interview with Françoise McHugh, author of Le Butin du Reich

August 21, 2015

Today on the show, we’ll be speaking with Francoise McHugh ,whom some of you in the New Orleans community may know as a library media specialist and grant writer at Ben Franklin high school during the day. She’s also the author of 4 books, and will be speaking with us here about her latest piece of historical fiction, just released this summer, The Spoils of the Third Reich.

Aujourd’hui on vous présentera un rendez-vous interview avec Francoise McHugh, peut être connu entre vous comme bibliothécaire au lycée Ben Franklin, mais aussi reconnu pour ses œuvres de littérature. On a la plaisir de l’accueillir sur l’antenne de Radio Nola pour parler de son dernier roman qui vient de sortir, Le Butin du Reich.

How could men, cultured or not, have consented to Nazi depravity, and also, another crucial question, how could these men have become, for the love of art, thieves and murderers? How could they have sentenced to exile or worse, sent to death, Jewish art lovers as well as so many others? 

These fundamental questions plague Karl’s reading of letters that his parents have left him. He discovers a system of looting put into place by the Nazi elite, very effective although somewhat disorganized. Simultaneously, a new light is shed on his childhood through the family history that is revealed to him. 

The ambiguous, rich and contrasting figures of the two brothers, Walter and Ludwig, are progressively unveiled: the twists and turns of their professional lives, their personal involvement in the looting, their dangerous liaisons, their convictions, their doubts and their daily worries. Between them, one can hear echoes of their sweet sister Erika and her unsympathetic husband Ewald.

The book is available in digital version on in english heredigital version on in french here, and the paper back version in french at here.The kindle sample is also available in the Alliance Française of New Orleans library. Happy reading! Bonne lecture! 


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