Tulane Students Guest Host Radio NOLA: Part I

October 13, 2015


Today's guest hosts were students in last semester's French Media class at Tulane University. The service learning class partnered with the Alliance Française to produce interviews and French corner segments as a public service for our program. Our partnership got students outside of the classroom, using their French and immersing themselves in the New Orleans francophone community. 


On today’s episode, our first host, Angelica Nahalka, interviews Michel Zink,one of the foremost experts on French medieval writing, on what sparked his interest in medieval times, New Olreans, and the Confederacy of Dunces! Afterwards, in a French Corner segment, Elena Perito and Darby Landsdowne, also service learning students, visit the Alliance Française cine club to enjoy a French film and join in a post-film discussion à la française. 

Le premier animatrice de radio aujourd'hui, Angelica Nahalka, nous presentera un rendez vous interview avec Michel Zink, suivi par une visite au ciné club de l'Alliance Française, animée par Elena Perito et Darby Landsdowne. Notre program d'aujourd'hui est le produit d’un partenariat entre l’alliance francaise et un cours de service learning à Tulane sur les medias francaises.



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